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​Ever since Phalishia's first spoken word, it has been clear to all that “that girl can sang!!” Being active in chorus all throughout her public school career led her to share her voice with the community. She actively sings in her church choir, community events such as Home-a-Rama and Community Day Events, as well as being requested to sing at weddings, corporate events, private parties and home goings. In 2004,“Golden”, as she is often referred to, was featured as one of Hampton Roads Up and Coming DIVAS. She has been seen performing as an NSU Player at Norfolk State University, in productions like “Dance on Widow’s Row” and “Motown: A Musical Review”. There she secured roles in various plays and sang in the musical reviews portraying great singers such as Martha from Martha and the Marvelettes, Mary from Mary and the Vandellas, Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, and Gladys Knight. With the NSU Players, she has also performed internationally at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since then, she has been requested to sing at several grand affairs, such as performing the National Anthem for senatorial candidates, semi-professional sports events, and the African American Sports Hall of Fame. Her experiences with music throughout the community help to write some of the first chapters to start her story, but that story is far from over…


In the Spring of 2011, Phalishia set out on a new chapter in her life. With an influence from her Pastor, Dr. Michael G. Daniels, long time musical mentor, Tyrone Williams, and manager, Ivy Uzzle, Phalishia put together a local cover band. “Pure Gold featuring Phalishia Johnson” became an instant crowd favorite! The band not only played for local community events such as the Virginia Beach Summer Music Festival at the Virginia Beach, Virginia Oceanfront, but other community events sponsored by their home church. They also played at various hometown favorites such as UNOs Bar & Grill, Kad-a-lac Lounge, Terra Lounge, and many more. Phalishia sang popular cover songs from the 1970s to the present, that not only moved hips and feet, but penetrated hearts and souls, as well. Even through this successful venture, something was still missing. She yearned to DO more…


That is when “it” hit her. For many years, she ran from what was tugging at her heart, but that pull became too much to fight. Phalishia NEEDED to DO GOD! Therefore, Phalishia decided to start Purely Golden Ministries, an avenue where she could encourage others and experience worship among the masses, using her God-given talent of gold. She has always thrived in her music, but she has never felt more safe and secure than when she is enveloped in God’s Holy Spirit! Although she has been active in her church for many, many years, the journey of her ministry is truly just beginning. Phalishia is currently working with an awesome team of individuals to produce her first Gospel project! It has been a long time coming, but there would be no story to tell without all of the chapters that have come before this. Even with maintaining a very busy life and hectic schedule, the MINISTRY by way of MUSIC remains the forefront of her life! She has a strong passion for singing, but an even GREATER passion for ministering to others through song! She counts it an honor and a privilege to sing for others, allowing them to hear her voice, feel her song, and be touched by her soul. Anyone that knows her personally knows that her music and ministry is more than a job… it is her CALLING – her talent, her life, and her destiny!!


Phalishia, born May 2, 1983 in Norfolk, VA, is the eldest daughter of Jacqueline R. Jackson. She attended Strayer University and Regent University, obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Human Resources) and her Master’s of Special Education, respectively. She has been married to her best friend, Aaron L. Johnson, Sr. since 2007 and is the proud mother of her little Queen, Phaaryn Ajream. She would like to thank God for surrounding her with wonderful, motivating individuals such as her husband, her mother, her Pastor and family at Enoch Baptist Church, and a host of others. Look out world – Phalishia Johnson is So Purely Golden!!

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"... a strong passion for singing, but an even GREATER passion for ministering to others through song! Anyone that knows her personally knows that her music and ministry is more than a job… it is her CALLING.."

Phalishia Johnson

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