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Phalishia Johnson is a lot of things, but most importantly... she is a songstress of God’s Word. Her ministry is more than entertainment; it is an opportunity to ENTER WORSHIP! Whether using her voluminous, rich basso profoundo or the sweet and tranquil whispers of falsetto, Phalishia’s voice captivates the essence of pure worship – glorifying God just because He is God! She speaks to the trials and tribulations of life, reminding us that a test only leads to testimony and your mess can create your ministry! Ministering to others has afforded her the opportunity to minister to herself, using her personal experiences, lessons lived and learned, and her relationship with God to encourage those in all walks of life. If you are looking for something far more fulfilling than a “good show”, then allow this GOLDEN VOICE of God to bless your heart and soul! Phalishia Johnson Is… So Purely Golden! 

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